Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive notification of upcoming lease bids?
You can receive specific RFP packages with bid information on particular lease requirements by requesting such from the Leasing office at 301 West High Street, Room 840, Jefferson City MO 65101 or by calling (573) 751-1003.
Does Facilities bid all leases?
We publicly bid most all new or expanded lease requirements. We also publicly bid many renewal requirements but may waive such when:
  • The anticipated annual cost is less than $10,000;
  • The term of the lease is 12 months or less
  • The program needs can't be met elsewhere;
  • The existing facility was procured via public bids less than 6 years prior to the expiration of the renewal periods in the existing providing that the lessor has been responsive, the facility meets or can meet agency needs, the facility complies with or can comply with mandatory provisions of the current specifications, negotiations can be finalized in the first months of the last option period;
  • The Director of Facilities Management, Design and Construction determines that it is in the best interest of the State to waive the bid process.
Statewide, how many leases does FMDC manage, how many square feet is that, and what's the cost?
See the current statewide summary of leases.
I'm a landlord for the State and I need to know the status of a payment to me. Who do I call?
You should call Facilities Management, Design and Construction - Real Estate Services Unit at (573) 751-1003 or you can email