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Payment Schedules


There are no payment schedule changes at this time.

Payments for the majority of our leases are generated automatically from our Accounting System on the 23rd of each month; if the 23rd is a Saturday they are generated on Friday and if the 23rd is a Sunday they are generated on Monday.

Checks are either mailed or direct deposited two working days after they are generated. If you would like to have your payments electronically deposited please complete an Vendor Input/ACH-EFT Application and mail it along with a voided business check or deposit ticket to the Division of Accounting, P.O. Box 809, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102 for processing. Janitorial Service payments are processed within 45working days following receipt of service.

Checks cannot be generated the last two working days of each month.

If you have a question about a lease, janitorial service or utility payment you may contact Heather Vandeloecht at (573) 751-4412.