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Doing Business with the Real Estate Services Unit


What we do

Since FY 1995, essentially all procurement and contract administration of leased real property has been centralized in the Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction Real Estate Services Unit. A competitive bid process is the preferred method of procuring most leased facilities, and negotiated contracts are secured in accordance with provisions set forth in the State Code of State Regulations. The lease program consists of approximately 600 separate contracts containing more than 3.2 million square feet.

The Real Estate Services Unit must conduct lease transactions that meet agency program needs, reflect fair market values and comply with all applicable statutes, codes, regulations and policies. To ensure those criteria are met, the leasing process includes verification of square footage requested by state agencies, solicitation of competitive bids or negotiations, inspection of all leased space prior to occupancy and continued oversight throughout the lease term. In order to facilitate that process, the State of Missouri has been divided into six regions which is served by various Real Estate Services staff.

The Design Unit conducts all space analysis for new lease requirements and oversees renovation projects as requested by tenant agencies within leased buildings.