ESRI E-Learning

GIS Training Courses offered by the Office of Geospatial Information are open to Missouri State Employees and contracting entities only. Email us at or call (573) 522-5034 if you have any questions about a course offering.


The Office of Geospatial Information offers access to ESRI’s E-Learning site. The site contains several introductory and advanced training modules on a variety of topics.


The trainings offered on this site are for beginners or advanced users alike that are looking to increase their skills and knowledge of GIS through a self-paced e-learning environment. Users must have access to ArcGIS software.

Topics Covered:

  • Web courses
  • Training Seminars
  • ESRI videos
  • Learn ArcGIS lessons
  • Open Online Courses
  • Teacher resources

Prerequisites and Recommendations:

ESRI E-Learning provides content for every skill level. Beginners are welcome.

Other Notes:

Missouri State employees wanting to access E-Learning must complete an OHD Ticket. Choose Enterprise GIS Support for the Agency, Training for the Category, and ESRI e-Learning for the Subcategory. An invitation to access the site will be sent to qualified users by OGI.

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