ESRI E-Learning

GIS Training Courses offered by the Office of Geospatial Information are open to Missouri State Employees and contracting entities only. Email us at or call (573) 526-1095 if you have any questions about a course offering.


The Office of Geospatial Information offers access to ESRI’s E-Learning site. The site contains several introductory and advanced training modules on a variety of topics.


This class is for users who are ready to learn the specifics of how GIS software works. It is intended for those with little to no experience using GIS software. Those with more experience or needing a refresher are welcome as well.

Topics Covered:

  • Web courses
  • Training Seminars
  • ESRI videos
  • Learn ArcGIS lessons
  • Open Online Courses
  • Teacher resources

Prerequisites and Recommendations:

Participants should have basic computing skills and be comfortable in the Windows environment. Basic knowledge of Excel, Access and relational data are a plus. This class is most effective when the user has purchased or is in the process of purchasing the GIS software, ArcGIS. No previous mapping experience is required, although we recommend completing the Get Started with ArcMap tutorial from ESRI e-Learning before the start of class.

Get Access:

Missouri State employees wanting to access e-Learning should make a request through the ITSD Service Portal. Create a request and choose GIS/Mapping, then Training, and finally Sign Up for ESRI e-Learning. An invitation to access the site will be sent to qualified users by OGI. We recommend completing the Get Started with ArcMap tutorial from ESRI e-learning before the start of class.

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