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Licenses / Software

GIS Software

The State of Missouri is standardized on the ESRI suite of GIS software for all GIS desktop and server technologies. Agencies considering the purchase of GIS software are encouraged to contact the Office of Geospatial Information for assistance in determining the right product for their needs.

License Agreements

Missouri offers the ESRI Master Purchase Agreement (MPA) for the purchase of most ESRI products. Esri contracts can be found on the Missouri Buys contract board by searching on the keyword “Esri”.

To view the current Esri contract, please search Office of Administration Division of Purchasing & Materials Management | Contract Search ( , on the contract #CT200283001

Desktop Software – ArcGIS Desktop

The ESRI product, ArcGIS Desktop, is the standard for GIS Desktop mapping. ArcGIS Desktop is licensed as a single use (named user) license as well as concurrent use licenses. Both types of licenses are in use. Single use licenses are less expensive, but concurrent use licenses give the flexibility to manage licenses through a centralized manager, allowing more users to be supported with fewer licenses.

The Office of Geospatial Information (OGI) manages concurrent use licenses for DHSS, DMH, DED, DOR, DNR, DHE, DESE, MDA, and DPS. Agencies not currently contributing toward the pool of concurrent use licenses should contact OGI to discuss their software needs.

The ArcGIS Desktop software comes at 3 levels, expanding the number of tools authorized for each level. Most users can perform all their tasks at the Basic level. The Standard and Advanced levels are also available for those situations where the functionality isn’t available at the Basic level.

Besides the core product, licenses are available for a variety of software add-in extensions. Contact OGI for licensing options.

Server Software - ArcGIS Server

ArcGIS Server supports both enterprise geodatabases as well as a map services used in support of both web based mapping and ArcGIS Online. Enterprise geodatabases can be hosted on a number of different relational database platforms. A geodatabase differs from a standard enterprise database, because it supports data types to store geometry. Geometry might be as simple as a point, or as complex as a boundary describing a county. All applications needing to interact with a geodatabase should be done in consultation with OGI. 

ArcGIS Services are generally authored as REST endpoints. These services are authored on an as needed basis, generally in support of a particular application.