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Enterprise Architecture


Enterprise Architecture is the core business and strategic plan for all technology in Missouri state government.  For the purpose of security, service, and efficiency, Missouri must function as one seamless technology enterprise.  Architecture will allow Missouri state government to act as a single entity, an enterprise, with respect to information technology.

By implementing a blueprint for standards and methods that are agreed upon by all agencies, the state positions itself to save money, increase service, and gain a competitive advantage for the long term.  This is an ongoing process that can swiftly adapt to changes in business and citizen needs.

The goal is always to provide the citizens of the State of Missouri with the most efficient and effective service possible.

How Does Missouri Benefit?

The real winners in Enterprise Architecture are the citizens of the State of Missouri.  Those people and business owners who interact each day with government will find services more accessible, and delivered to them more efficiently.  Whether renewing a license, starting a new business, or staying informed about the changes affecting their daily lives, Missouri’s citizens will find a government using technology to serve them better.

More and more government enterprises are recognizing the need to share information.  Government at every level reaps the highest benefits from sharing common ideas, common approaches, and the sharing of information and technology.

Repetitive use of common and adaptive enterprise architecture standards helps to identify and reduce project risks, increase project success rates, provide the enterprise with interchangeable staff and deliver solutions more quickly.  Implementing enterprise architecture standards provides a significant benefit in procurement and purchasing. 

Standards will reduce the variety of items purchased and allow the enterprise to consolidate buying power.  The reduced variety also minimizes support and training costs because it results in a more focused work force.  Many other states have greatly reduced their cost by adapting architecture standards.

Simply stated, adopting adaptive enterprise architecture will greatly enhance government’s ability to deliver effective and timely services and to support agencies in their efforts to improve the overall functioning of government.  Sharing information, maximizing resource investment, increasing technology reuse opportunities, and meeting the public’s ever-increasing expectations for electronic access to government information and services are major motivating factors driving the need for implementation of common enterprise architecture and standards.

Who's involved? How do we do this?

Although there are many stakeholders in Missouri's Enterprise Architecture, the ultimate beneficiaries are the citizens of Missouri.  By utilizing our efforts to make government more efficient, customer focused, and responsive, the interaction between the citizens and business community with State government increases the delivery of services in a more effective manner.