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Missouri Information Technology Advisory Council (MITAC)



The Missouri Information Technology Advisory Council (MITAC) is to provide cohesive planning and communications among appropriate publics throughout the state government and to provide an arena for discussions of relevant IT issues. The council is given the responsibility of providing an open and objective forum for the investigation of any relevant technical issues.


The MITAC shares relevant project materials, lessons learned, best practices, and contract vehicles. MITAC fosters an environment for partnerships that promote cooperation and IT performance excellence. The focus will center around, but is not limited to application development, business continuity and disaster recovery, cybersecurity, data center management, end user support, network, telecommunications, technical architecture, vendor management, and project management/oversight.


MITAC membership consists of Consolidated Agencies’ IT Managers/Directors or other representatives, as appointed by the CIO, other executive branch agencies’ IT Managers/Directors and other such members as deemed appropriate with an objective of having representation from across the state.  MITAC members will have responsibilities in their existing roles that include providing technology services and solutions for their respective cities, counties, universities, agencies, etc. so that they can efficiently serve their customers.


MITAC meetings are normally held on a quarterly basis at the discretion of the MITAC Chairperson and the membership. The MITAC Chairperson is responsible for all aspects of the meetings. MITAC meetings are open meetings and are not intended for sales presentations or marketing of IT products or services.