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Information Security


ITSD's Office of Cyber Security (OCS) is responsible for safeguarding the state’s information systems. OCS promotes and provides expertise in information security management for all state agencies and supports national and local homeland information security efforts. The State of Missouri's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) oversees OCS.


  • Vulnerability assessments - OCS performs routine and ad-hoc vulnerability assessments against all networked assets, everything from mainframes to printers. OCS works closely with application developers to test soon to be released applications to ensure that the state’s information is protected. OCS​ assesses over 30,000 networked assets on a routine basis, internal and external.  This ultimately leads to the protection of state information as the result of ensuring assets don’t have critical vulnerabilities.
  • Intrusion Prevention - OCS oversees the management of the state’s intrusion prevention system. The intrusion prevention system stops known malicious attacks on the state’s network. From December 2010 through November 2011, the state blocked 81.9 million attacks on the state network.
  • Internet filtering - OCS manages the state’s Internet filter. The Internet filter not only protects the state’s systems and users from malicious websites, but also assists in reducing bandwidth consumption and increasing productivity. During an average month, the Internet filtering system monitors over 500 million requests and close to 10% of all Internet requests are blocked, saving the state gigabytes in bandwidth. About 1,000,000 of the Internet requests blocked are security related.
  • Security Architecture - OCS provides guidance in developing and maintaining the state’s information security architecture and standards.

For more information about ITSD's information security efforts, contact the Chief Information Security Officer.