Enterprise Project Management Office


The Enterprise Project Management office (EPMO) was established to oversee ITSD’s consolidated project portfolio through effective management of people, infrastructure, and projects.  Its mission is to support strategic, business-driven IT solution delivery.


  • Educate, mentor, and collaborate to build leadership skills.
  • Support transparent, frequent, and effective people-based collaboration.
  • Encourage innovation and influence individual creativity.
  • Enable well-informed decision making to ensure success.
  • Drive process improvement by developing a culture of best-practice evolution.


  • Portfolio Management and Reporting
    • Deliverables tracking
    • Executive dashboards
    • Cost and value (ROI) reporting
  • Project Oversight and Rescue
  • Release and Issue management
    • Assistance with readiness assessment, testing progress, implementation
  • Training and Mentorship
  • IT consulting contract management
    • PAQ quality
    • Vendor responses
    • Regular meetings with vendor
  • Forms, templates, best-practice, and how-to repository
  • Lessons learned surveys and repository

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