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GIS Training


The Office of Geospatial Information (OGI) no longer offers instructor-led training. Instead, OGI recommended Esri’s e-Learning, which has many courses to choose from to get you started. User accounts are required to access this site.

How do I get started with Esri e-Learning?

Each user that has ArcGIS Desktop or Pro installed is entitled to Esri’s e-Learning user account, set up by OGI staff. These accounts must be associated with your work email address.

  • Submit an ITSD Service Portal ticket to GIS/Map > Training > Sign up for Esri e-Learning
  • Once OGI sets up your account, you will receive email confirmation, with instructions on how to login, and some recommended Learning Paths. 
    • Once you have completed the recommended courses, you will find many other interesting courses. 
    • Some courses, especially instructor-led training, are not free. Users who want to take Esri instructor-led training must provide their own funding. 

Users outside our organization can view the Learning Plans developed by OGI by searching in Esri Learning Plans for “Missouri”.