Bright Ideas Team (BIT)

The Bright Ideas Team is funded by a Federal grant awarded to the Missouri Department of Economic Development in collaboration with the Office of Administration to help implement the Governor's Executive Order 2009-18 to reduce energy consumption by 2% annually in state office buildings. As part of the grant, the Bright Ideas Team is conducting an energy campaign to increase employee awareness of the State Facilities Energy Conservation Program and actions to reduce energy consumption at work and at home.

Campaign of the Month

Space heaters and fans often claim to save energy, but that claim can often be misleading. In commercial buildings, space heaters are virtually never a good idea because of the temperature controls that are used. The worst case scenario of wasting energy through space heating would be when there is simultaneous heating and cooling in the workplace. If it is summertime and your office building is cooling the air inside to a point that you feel uncomfortable enough to fire up your space heater, you are paying to condition the air twice. Find out how to save energy and money all at once here.


Energy Awareness Campaign Articles and Posters