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Color Copiers

Consider the variety of documents which could be produced on high-speed color copiers. Have you ever needed overhead transparencies?  How about a special agenda for that important meeting you have coming up next week? Do you have a short report that may have a couple pages of color and the remainder is black on white? Have you ever needed a few copies of an 11" x 17" full color poster with full color bleed? At some point, have you needed a color copy printed on two sides or duplexed? How about a premium color cover on coated stock for the next board report?  State Printing can do all this and more. Our high volume copiers are multi-functional and can imprint on coated heavier paper stock as well as handle printing and collating multiple pages.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing offers you the ability to print documents with personalized information. A few examples of variable data printing are: printing of forms that need to be distributed with pre-filled information, sequentially numbered documents such as meal or admission tickets, printing of certificates with individualized information, printing of individualized benefit statements or printing of barcodes on various documents. These are just a few of the options with printing variable data.

For variable data printing requests, customers are required to submit the document (hard copy or electronic) and the data file to State Printing. Our Quick Copy centers also have the ability to provide this service for you.

Please contact your Printing Services Representative for further information on variable data printing.