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Waiver Request Form

Waiver Procedure

Printing requests for the Missouri Vocational Enterprises (MVE) do not require a waiver from State Printing. All other printing requests shall be submitted to State Printing for a make/buy decision.

State Printing is typically able to provide printing at a lower cost than commercial printers. Estimates for printing jobs will be issued for budget purposes only. Printing requests may be submitted by filling out the Print Requisition Form. Then email, fax or deliver form to a Printing Service Representative.

If a printing request cannot be provided by State Printing, a waiver may be issued. Before a printing waiver can be issued, State Printing will need the following information to process the waiver:agency and organization code (SAM II), quantity, description, dollar amount, vendor, requestor's name and reason for the waiver.

When a waiver is issued and payment is made, the waiver number should be listed on the SAMII payment document in the description field.

Procedure for including printing services for professional and general service procurements

The following information originated from the Office of Administration's Division of Purchasing and Materials Management.

  1. If a state agency determines the need for a contracted professional or general service and such service will include printing in any form or manner, as an end product or by-product of the service, the state agency desiring the service must contact the Office of Administration, Division of General Services, State Printing Center to discuss the printing portion of the agency's needs.
    1. Exceptions to the above requirement would be when the service provider/contractor is required to furnish an insignificant number of copies of a printed document (such as 10 or less copies) or copies of a small number of pages (such as 10 or less pages) of a study, report, documentation, etc., which summarizes the findings and conclusions of the contractor's performance.
    2. Contact with the State Printing Center may be by e-mail, telephone (573/751-3307), fax (573/526-7900), or mail (State Printing Center, 4720 Scruggs Station Road, Jefferson City MO 65109).
    3. Examples of a few of the professional and general services which may be affected by this procedure are listed below:
      • Advertising Contractual Services
      • Public Relations Contractual Services
      • Creative Writing Contractual Services
      • Artistic Contractual Services
      • Creation, Design, and Distribution of Publications
      • Design of Technical Manuals and Brochures
      • Publication of Study Results in a Report Format consisting of multiple pages and/or multiple copies (annual report), or
      • Any number of other Professional and/or General Services
  2. The State Printing Center will review the service needs of the state agency and determine if the printing that is required as part of the professional or general contractual service can be provided by the State Printing Center in an efficient and effective manner.
    1. The State Printing Center will respond to the state agency's inquiry in writing either by fax, e-mail, or mail.
  3. Consistent with this policy, any requisition (SAM II NR Document) submitted to the Division of Purchasing and Materials Management for a professional and general contractual service procurement that includes printing as an end product or by-product of the service must include a copy of the correspondence from the State Printing Center.
    1. The Division of Purchasing and Materials Management will not accept and will return any requisitions for professional and general services without action if the specification for such services include printing, in any form or manner, as an end product or by-product of such services unless a written document from the State Printing Center is received for that requisition (SAM II NR Document).
    2. It is the sole responsibility of the state agency to secure the necessary documentation from the State Printing Center prior to submission of the requisition to the Division of Purchasing and Materials Management.
  4. Regardless of the decision of the State Printing Center regarding the printed product, state agencies should request an electronic version of any materials and should also include a State of Missouri copyright clause for such materials so that the State of Missouri may make changes if necessary and could reprint even if the State of Missouri didn't do the initial printing of the document or materials.