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Information Technology Advisory Board (ITAB)



ITAB provides a quarterly technical planning and communications forum for the State of Missouri. The ITAB format allows for open discussion and investigation of relevant technology issues. 


The ITAB, chaired by the State CIO, provides advisement and communication to state officials on issues that are applicable to the State of Missouri. ITAB enables the establishment of a state IT architecture and the sharing of best practices. ITAB also fosters an environment for partnerships that promote cooperation and IT performance excellence across state government.

Information Exchange

As an extension of ITAB, the Innovation Exchange quarterly sessions focus on the discussion and presentation of innovative technical projects of wide interest and more detailed discussions of important technical topics. These topics would include, but are not limited to, application development, business continuity and disaster recovery, cyber security and information security, data management, end user support and help desks, mainframe and data centers, network and telecommunications operations and usage, server management and email.

ITAB Charter