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2023 Department Budget Requests

The state agency budget requests are submitted in October of each year, as required by Section 33.220 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri. The Governor reviews these requests and presents the executive budget recommendations to the General Assembly in January 2022.

These budget requests cover the State's 2023 fiscal year, July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

HB 1 Board of Fund Commissioners (public debt)
HB 2 Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
HB 3 Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development Book 1
Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development Book 2
HB 4 Department of Revenue
Department of Transportation
HB 5 Office of Administration Book 1
Office of Administration Book 2
Employee Benefits
HB 6 Department of Agriculture
Department of Natural Resources
Department of Conservation
HB 7 Department of Economic Development
Department of Commerce & Insurance
Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
HB 8 Department of Public Safety Book 1
Department of Public Safety Book 2
HB 9 Department of Corrections Book 1
Department of Corrections Book 2
HB 10 Department of Mental Health
Department of Health and Senior Services
HB 11 Department of Social Services Support Divisions
Department of Social Services Family Support Division Book 1 
Department of Social Services Family Support Division Book 2
Department of Social Services Children's Division
Department of Social Services Youth Services
Department of Social Services MO HealthNet Division Book 1
Department of Social Services MO HealthNet Division Book 2
HB 12 Governor
Lt. Governor
Secretary of State
State Auditor
State Treasurer
Attorney General Book 1
Attorney General MOPS Book 2

General Assembly
State Public Defender

HB 13 Statewide Real Estate
HB 14 Supplemental - Operating (FY 2022)
HB 17 Reappropriations
HB 18 Capital Improvements - Maintenance and Repair
HB 19 Capital Improvements - Construction Renovation