Contractor ID Badge Information

ID Badge – Contractors

Contractor Definition: Contractors, temporary help through outside vendors, volunteers, and appointees to boards or commissions are handled in the same manner. If a person is not a state payroll employee (paid through SAM II HR system), they are considered a contractor regardless of whether they are stationed in a particular building. 

To avoid extended waits and delays for contractors, FMDC requires that the completed application for a Contractor ID Badge along with a current (no more than 30 days old) criminal background check through the Highway Patrol be submitted prior to sending the contractor to the processing location.

A form to request a Missouri State Highway Patrol Criminal Background Check for contractors working for State Departments can be found on the web at:

If a contractor does not have a social security number or a valid driver's license or has been living in the state for less than one year, a copy of another form of photo identification should be attached to the application that includes the former resident address. If the contractor will be permanently located in a building indicate where in the area designated for "Building, Floor, Room Number" on the application.

If the application is approved by FMDC, the department will be notified that the contractor should report to the appropriate location for badge processing. Upon arrival, the contractor must provide a form of current photo identification (driver's license, nondriver license photo ID, military ID, minor ID, etc.) Their Contractor ID Badge will then be processed.

Unless specified by the host department for a shorter period of time, all Contractor ID Badges will expire one year from date of issuance. All contractor badges that are no longer needed or have expired due to the one year issuance must subsequently be returned to FMDC for inactivation and shredding. 

If a contractor continues to need an ID Badge after one year, the host department will need to submit a completed application along with a current background check provided through the Highway Patrol as outlined in the procedures above.

It is the host department’s responsibility to ensure that contractors have current Contractor ID Badges. On the date of expiration, Contractor Badges will be inactivated until FMDC receives a completed ID Badge Application signed by the department’s signature authority, a current background check through the Highway Patrol and the new badge is properly processed.

Building or Secured Area Access - Contractors

In an effort to better coordinate secured building or area access, a joint decision was made by Jefferson City Capitol Police and Facilities Management, Design and Construction not to routinely allow contractors unsupervised and unassisted walk-in access into the buildings.

Each department is responsible to assist in providing a safe work environment not only for their employees but also for others in the building that may be affected by work a contractor is requested to perform. The agency requesting access for a contract employee is responsible for them just as with a state employee.

Facilities Management, Design and Construction and Capitol Police will grant access to buildings after hours or secured areas following the appropriate security checks. Should a department make a request, it does not mean that a contractor will automatically receive permission for access, the request will be taken under advisement and the department will be notified as to the outcome.