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State ID Badges


All State employees and contractors with an office or workspace located in a State-owned or leased building maintained by the Office of Administration (OA), Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction (FMDC) are required to have a State ID badge (Badge).  A Badge helps State officials quickly distinguish between individuals who are authorized to be onsite working and individuals who are not, which increases safety and security of the buildings. 

“State employees” are individuals on the state payroll. “Contractors” are individuals who are not on the State payroll but who regularly perform services for State agencies or offices onsite at State-owned or leased buildings maintained by FMDC.  Such services may be in the areas of information technology, construction, HVAC, cleaning, and more.   Individuals who are employed as temporary help through employment agencies, volunteers, and appointees to boards or commissions affiliated with the State of Missouri who are not considered state payroll employees are also considered to be contractors.

A Badge may or may not authorize the holder to have access to secured interior areas of State buildings or building entrances during non-public hours.  In accordance with state regulation, after-hours access shall be limited to an absolute minimum, consistent with requirements for accomplishing assigned functions or tasks. 

Authorized Representatives

Only an Authorized Representative may request that a State employee or contractor be issued a Badge and/or access to secured interior areas of State-owned or leased buildings or building entrances during non-public hours. Only these individuals may request Badge replacements, additional building access, or reduced building access. Authorized Representatives include the department director/commissioner, elected official, or their designees whom they have expressly provided with authority to request issuance and removal of Badges and access.

Authorized Representatives may delegate a point of contact (POC) with FMDC.  The POC may submit the completed ID Badge/Building Access Application(s) to FMDC, monitor Badge status, request reports to ensure Badge information is accurate, and request that Badges be deactivated or replaced if lost or damaged. In the event that a POC is not designated, FMDC will communicate with the Authorized Representative.

To be an Authorized Representative or POC, the elected official, department director/commissioner, or their express designees must send an email to so FMDC can grant this authority. Department directors/commissioners and elected officials should periodically review their Authorized Representative and POC lists to ensure  individuals who have left the agency or office are removed and a new individual is authorized.

For state employees, the Department Director, chief executive of the governmental entity where the individual is employed, or their designee shall serve as the Authorized Representative. 

Department or governmental entities that have contractors (except ITSD contractors), temporary employees, or volunteers working in their building or providing a service within their respective state-owned buildings shall serve as the Authorized Representative for these individuals if the building is controlled or managed by the department or governmental entity.  

OA ITSD shall serve as the Authorized Representative for all ITSD contractors and shall coordinate approval with the department or governmental entity.

FMDC shall serve as the Authorized Representative for all individuals who are employed as temporary help through employment agencies and volunteers, as well as vendors, contractors or subcontractors who are providing a service or performing construction through an OA/FMDC contract (OA/FMDC contractor) within state-owned buildings. 

The OA Commissioner’s office shall serve as the Authorized Representative for any appointees to boards or commissions affiliated with the State of Missouri and all other individuals not identified in the above groups.   

Applications for Badges

Authorized Representatives, or POCs, shall submit all requests for a Badge using the ID Badge/Building Access Application form. This application must also be used to request access to building entries during non-public times (See State-Owned Building Hours of Operation) or secured interior doors within State buildings.

Individuals requesting a Badge, or for whom a Badge is being sought, must provide the information required by the ID Badge/Building Access Application to the assigned Authorized Representative. This includes providing a form of current photo identification and submitting to a background check, if requested. The Authorized Representative has authority to approve, deny, or modify the request or seek additional information, if needed. Completed applications must be signed by the agency’s Authorized Representative and emailed to the applicable regional FMDC Badge office.

Authorized Representatives must ensure that the application is complete and all information is submitted to the Badge office. Incomplete forms may result in delays in processing or a Badge not being issued.  The Authorized Representative must also provide a recent photo of the State employee or contractor to be placed on the Badge unless exempted for religious reasons as discussed below. Photos should be free of hats, sunglasses, and similar articles so the face is unobstructed. The photo should be taken against a neutral or white background, if possible. If a photo is not compatible with the Badge system, FMDC will notify the Authorized Representative  the individual should go to the nearest processing location to have a photo taken.  

On the ID Badge/Building Access Application, the Authorized Representative shall confirm a recent background check has been completed for the employee or contractor, signifying that the agency or office has reviewed the background check and deemed it acceptable, or is otherwise in compliance with the background requirements pursuant to a State contract.  The nature of the background check and whether the results are acceptable is to be determined by the individual department or agency unless otherwise specified by contract.  

FMDC will process the ID Badge/Building Access Application and send the Badge to the Authorized Representative/ POC or inform them it is ready for pickup. Upon receipt of the Badge, the employee or contractor shall sign the State Identification Badge Agreement form.  The original, or an electronic copy, shall be maintained by the agency or elected official’s office and a copy provided to the contractor or employee.

Badge Contents

The Badge shall contain the individual’s name, the individual’s photo, the department and/or office where the individual is employed, or a notation the individual is a contractor.

Individual’s Name

The Badge holder’s name must match what appears on their driver’s license or other government-issued ID card.


All Badges must include a current picture of the Badge holder unless the individual affirmatively states the photo should be omitted due to religious affiliations.  In that instance, the agency Authorized Representative, in consultation with agency counsel, will determine if a religious exemption applies.  If a photograph is not included on the Badge, the Badge holder may be required to produce a driver’s license or non-photo government-issued ID card if verification of the individual’s identity at the State building is required. 

Badge photos shall be updated no less frequently than every six years.

Building/Secured Area and After-Hours Access

FMDC processes Badges with security access only for those buildings with security systems that are installed or maintained by FMDC and within areas controlled by FMDC. Security access to buildings with privately-owned security systems (e.g., Sonitrol) are controlled by the tenant agency.

To ensure safety and security, non-public or after-hours access to State-owned or leased buildings shall be limited to an absolute minimum, consistent with requirements for accomplishing assigned functions or tasks. Only Authorized Representatives can request that an employee or contractor have after-hours access or access to secured areas. FMDC may seek additional information from the Authorized Representative to process the requested access. Any such access must be documented on the ID Badge/Building Access Application.  

Please note the St. Louis, Kansas City and St. Joseph processing stations issue separate cards for Badges and Access Cards.


Badges for employees will be programmed to automatically expire every six years on a staggered basis so a new photo can be placed on the Badges.  Badges for contractors will be programmed to automatically expire and to be active for the least amount of time necessary for the contractor to accomplish the task for which the Badge was issued. FMDC may reactivate a contractor’s Badge if the individual returns to work on another project within 12 months of the individual’s prior project.

Badge Holder Responsibilities

Each Badge belongs to the individual Badge holder. To increase safety and security, a Badge holder shall not permit another to use their Badge or otherwise grant access to another individual via their Badge. Badge holders are not allowed to have other non-Badge individuals follow them through secure entrances (i.e. tailgating, piggybacking, etc.). Further, Badge holders shall not duplicate or alter their badge or the access it provides in any way.  Individuals who do not possess a Badge may gain entry to State buildings at public access points during public hours. If emergency access is needed and a Badge cannot be processed in time, FMDC may authorize an individual’s temporary access to a building so long as that individual is accompanied by a Badge holder.    

As set forth in the Badge Agreement that all Badge holders must sign, failure to meet these responsibilities may result in cancellation of the Badge, refusal of a Badge in the future, or discipline up to and including dismissal from employment where applicable. 

Lost or Stolen Badges

If a Badge is lost or stolen, the Badge holder shall immediately report this to the applicable regional FMDC Badge office and their supervisor or agency Authorized Representative.  FMDC will deactivate the prior card and issue a new card upon receipt of an application from the Authorized Representative or POC. 

Notifications of Badge or Access Terminations

If a State employee leaves employment with an agency or office, the Authorized Representative must notify FMDC immediately and return the Badge to FMDC.  Regarding contractors, the Authorized Representative shall immediately notify FMDC when the contractor has completed the work that required the Badge or otherwise no longer requires the Badge (if the Badge has not already automatically expired) and shall return the Badge to FMDC.  An elected official’s Badge will not be deactivated until the elected official leaves office, absent extraordinary circumstances. 

If a new Badge and/or access are needed by the State employee due to a transfer to another department or State-owned or leased building, a new application must be completed and signed by the new Authorized Representative.

If the Authorized Representative knows in advance an individual will no longer be reporting to a particular work location after a certain date , the Authorized Representative shall contact the applicable regional FMDC Badge office before the individual’s last day to ensure that Badge access is promptly deactivated when the individual leaves or transfers. If an immediate termination of access is necessary, an Authorized Representative should contact the applicable regional FMDC Badge office to advise an immediate deactivation is required. All Badges must be returned to FMDC by the Authorized Representative or POC.  

In addition to the notifications above, each Authorized Representative shall send the FMDC badge office a list of all departed employees and contractors on the last business day of each month.

Badge Replacement

FMDC does not bill for Badge replacements that occur occasionally. For large-quantity replacements, FMDC will work with agencies or offices to direct-bill or advise how to procure the necessary supplies (cards, ribbon) FMDC will need to issue the replacements.  If a missing Badge is found and returned via mail per the instructions on the back of the Badge and the state incurs mailing charges as a result, the Badge holder may be required to pay such charges.