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FMDC Contractor Background and ID Badge Process

The below procedures are intended only for Office of Administration, Facilities Management, Design & Construction contractors. If you have questions regarding contractors for your agency, please contact one of your Authorized Representative

All employees of an OA/FDMC contractor (or subcontractor performing work under an OA/FMDC contract) are required to submit a fingerprint check through the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) and the FBI enabling OA/FMDC to obtain state and national criminal background checks on the employees, unless stated otherwise in the Contractor’s contract. FMDC no longer participates in the Missouri and National Rap Back programs as of November 2021. The contractor must submit the appropriate documentation to OA/FMDC by e-mail ( prior to any employee being fingerprinted to avoid any delays in processing.


  1. Contracted Personnel completes all necessary documentation required and returns to (please see Quick Reference Guide or contact to determine required documentation.) 

​ *Background processing time will not begin until after all documentation is received and is complete

  1. Contracted Personnel completes fingerprint process using appropriate 4-digit registration code
    1. Non – Highway Patrol locations use FMDC’s 4-digit registration code 5434
    2. Highway Patrol locations use Highway Patrol’s 4-digit registration code 7965
      1. If clearance is needed for multiple locations and Highway Patrol is housed in any of the locations, only one fingerprint screening using Highway Patrol’s 4-digit registration code is required.
  2. FMDC personnel processes documentation accordingly and notifies vendor of approval or denial
    1. If approved - FMDC personnel submits badge application to appropriate office
      1. Proxy access will only be given if indicated on the Authorization for Release of Information Confidentiality Oath. If left blank or not indicated, a non-proxy badge will be issued.
        ​Vendor will be notified when badge is ready to be picked up. ​If Vendor is not in close proximity to a badge office, they can request to have mailed by providing mailing address via email to

    2. If denied - FMDC will notify Contracted Personnel and appropriate FMDC staff


All necessary documentation appropriate for contract/project location for each employee.
- Quick Reference Guide of Process
OA FMDC's Authorization for Release of Information Confidentiality Oath
Documentation Required for Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) locations
Documentation Required for Probation and Parole (P&P) locations 
Documentation Required for both MSHP and P&P locations​

Changing Projects, Locations, or Contracts

Personnel changing locations, projects, or contracts within one year time of being fingerprinted, must submit a new Authorization for Release of Information Confidentiality Oath with updated location and badge needs for proper clearance. Additional documentation or fingerprint process may be required. OA/FMDC reserves the right to request additional background checks at any time for any reason.

How to Register and Complete Fingerprint Process:

For fingerprinting services through the state electronic fingerprint vendor, you must first register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS). If you do not have internet access, you may contact the vendor (IDEMIA) at 844-543-9712 for assistance with registration.

MACHS Registration Instructions:
1. Log-on to
2. Click on the "blue box" Click here to register with the fingerprint portal
3. Click on the "blue box" Click here to register with MACHS
4. Enter the 4-digit registration number provided by your agency. Click "enter" 
- FMDC 4-digit registration number - 5434
- MSHP 4-digit registration number - 7965 
5. Enter your personal information in the appropriate fields and proceed through the registration process.
6. Near the end of registration, you will be asked to verify all personal data and agency information before proceeding. If all information entered is accurate and complete, click “complete registration.” This will redirect you to IDEMIA’s website for further instruction.
7. Please note your Transaction Control Number (TCN) for future reference.
8. Email and/or phone number, and Date of Birth will be required at the fingerprint vendor location to search for your registration transaction.

Length of Validation, Renewals, Departing Employees

  • Fingerprints and Authorization for Release of Information Confidentiality Oath form are valid for one (1) year and must be renewed annually. Changing or adding locations may result in additional required documentation. Certain employees may be required to be fingerprinted more frequently. OA/FMDC reserves the right to request additional background checks at any time for any reason.
  • Contractors are required to notify OA/FMDC ( within 48 hours of anyone severing employment with their company.