MO Project: Contextual Branding



The printing section is one of the final stages for your project. Before a job can be printed, it must be designed and made press-ready. The decision on size, paper and ink colors must already be decided. Contact your Printing Service Representative to discuss available options.

The printing section can produce from one to four colors at one time and put varnish on the project when necessary. They can print from a 3"x5" postcard up to a much larger size. When agencies order a small size to be printed, they print several copies up and cut down or trim the printed stock on the paper cutter to the proper size. This not only saves printing time -- it also saves money for the agency.

The printing section has several types of presses from sheetfed to web. The sheetfed press is ideal for smaller run lengths and the web presses for longer press run lengths. The web presses can run up to 50,000 impressions per hour (an impression is a single letter size page printed on one side with one color of ink.)