FMDC Contractor ID Badges

All employees of an OA/FDMC contractor (or subcontractor performing work under an OA/FMDC contract) are required to submit a fingerprint check through the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the FBI enabling OA/FMDC to obtain state and national criminal background checks on the employees, unless stated otherwise in the Contractor’s contract. FMDC participates in the Missouri and National Rap Back programs as of August 28, 2018.

The process for fingerprint background checks is as follows:

Each employee of the contractor, who will be fingerprinted, must sign and print their name in the lower left corner of the Missouri Applicant Fingerprint Privacy Notice, the Applicant Privacy Rights and the Privacy Act Statement, which are available at: Missouri Applicant Fingerprint Privacy Notice

The contractor must submit the following information to OA/FMDC by e-mail ( prior to any employee being fingerprinted to avoid any delays in processing:

  1. A list of names of the Contractor’s employees who will be fingerprinted.
  2. The signed privacy documents identified above for each employee.

The contractor must include the project, building and region in the body or subject line of the e-mail.

Contractors have two options for having employees fingerprinted:

  1. Provide a SHP-984 document to employee(s) to take to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Criminal Justice Information Services Division in Jefferson City. That document is available at: SHP-984 MACHS Fingerprint Services Form FMDC
  2. Employee(s) may utilize an IdentoGo (IDEMIA) location for submission of fingerprints by registering on the MSHP website ( and using the code 5434. 

Once background check results are available, OA/FMDC will complete a badge application on approved persons. When processing is complete, OA/FMDC will notify the contractor and provide information on the badge office location for the requested region. Badges may be obtained in Jefferson City, Kansas City, Springfield, St. Joseph and St. Louis.

As part of the Rap Back programs, Contractors will no longer have to repeat the background check process annually. Contractor’s employees will generally be required to have a new background check every three years; however, if the Contractor has ongoing contracts with FMDC, the Contractor’s employee may only be required to submit a background check every six years. Certain employees may be required to be fingerprinted more frequently. OA/FMDC reserves the right to request additional background checks at any time for any reason.

Contractors are required to notify OA/FMDC ( of anyone severing employment with their company.