State Employee ID Badge Process


Any state employee, contractor, lobbyist, or member of the press located in a state owned building maintained by the Office of Administration, Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction (FMDC) is required to have a State ID Badge. 

If you have any questions about completing the application you may contact any of the State ID Badge processing locations listed.

Submittals of Department Information

Methods of Request

All requests for issuance of ID Badges must be submitted using the ID Badge/Building Access Application found at: ID Application. This application can be used to request a State ID Badge and/or access to building entries during nonpublic times (See State Owned Building Hours of Operation) or secured interior doors within state owned buildings.

Please ensure that all applicable areas on the application are completed. Incomplete forms may result in delays or denials for processing.  Completed ID Badge applications must be signed by the department’s signature authority. When completing the application, please remember that the employee’s name must match what appears on their driver’s license or state issued ID card.

View a list of authorized representatives for departments.

Department representatives may consist of:

AA – Appointing Authorities:  Usually the department director or a person who has authorization to designate individuals they wish to represent the department.

SA – Signature Authorities:  Department individuals authorized by the department's Appointing Authority to sign applications for ID badges with or without secured area access for employees, contractors, or others who may be working with a department.  These individuals may also send requests for badge reprints or access additions or deletions via email to the appropriate processing location.

POC – Point of Contact:  Department individuals who complete the application information for the department's Signature Authority and submit documents to the badge processing location.  They may monitor department badge status and request reports to ensure badge information is accurate and request that existing badges be inactivated via email.  FMDC reports and requests for information will be sent to the department POC’s. In the event that a department does not designate a POC these communications will be sent to the department SA.

If an existing badge is lost, broken or stolen or if an employee already has a badge with access and additional or revised access is needed, a request can be sent by the department’s signature authority to the appropriate processing location via email.  FMDC will notify the department when the replacement badge can be picked up or when the revised access requested has been completed.  Broken badges should be returned to FMDC.

To be included on the Department Authorized Representative List a letter or memo on the Department’s letterhead, signed by the appropriate appointing authority, authorizing the individual to act as Signature Authority or Point of Contact must be on file with Facilities Management, Design and Construction.  View a sample format for these requests.

Notifications of Badge or Access Terminations

If a badge holder leaves a department’s employ and/or transfers to another state department, the current badge must be returned to the appropriate processing location for inactivation. If immediate termination of access is necessary, an authorized representative should contact the badge processing center via e-mail with the necessary information. These badges will then be destroyed by FMDC. In an effort to provide the most secure work area possible FMDC requests that each agency provide the badge processing office with a written list of all departing employees on the last business day of each month.

If a new badge and/or access are needed by the state employee due to transfer to another department, a new application must be completed and signed by the new department’s signature authority on file with FMDC and submitted for processing.

Electronic Application Submittals

If your department does not participate on the Consolidated Mail Relay Server, FMDC cautions against sending information pertaining to badges or accesses electronically when it contains sensitive information (i.e., social security numbers). 

The following departments’ emails go through the State’s Consolidated Mail Relay Server:  Office of Administration, State Auditor’s Office, Department of Insurance, State Treasurer’s Office, Lieutenant Governor’s Office, Governor’s Office, State Tax Commission, Professional Registration, Veterans, Department of Mental Health, Water Patrol, Public Safety, Department of Social Services, Attorney General’s Office, Department of Revenue, Secretary of State’s Office, Department of Corrections, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of Higher Education, Missouri Lottery, MOSERS, Public Defender’s Office, Courts, Department of Health and Senior Services, Public Service Commission, Department of Economic Development, Department of Agriculture, Homeland Security, Vocational Rehabilitation, MO Coalition for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, & Office of Childcare Advocate.

Departments not listed do NOT participate on the Consolidated Mail Relay Server.

Emails going back and forth between departments on this server are protected by software on the server so sensitive information is relatively secure. Any email going to, or coming from a department not on this server is NOT secure.  Sensitive information, including Social Security Numbers, should not be written in emails from these agencies.


If a department has employees that are not located in close proximity to a processing location, they may submit employee photographs to FMDC on a CD or by email attachment.   Hard copies of the completed applications signed by the department’s signature authority and photocopies of current photo identifications of each employee must be submitted before processing can be completed. Regretfully, due to poor quality, FMDC asks that forms of photo identification not be submitted electronically.

If the photographs are not compatible to the ID Badge system, FMDC will notify the department that they must have their employees travel to the nearest processing location.

Requests for Badge/Access Inssuance


To be considered for a State Employee ID badge, the individual must be on the state payroll.  Those persons who are employed as temporary help through employment agencies, volunteers, and appointees to boards or commissions affiliated with the State of Missouri are not considered state payroll employees, they are considered contractors.  Contractors are subject to different requirements.

The employee must bring the completed application signed by the department’s signature authority, along with a form of current photo identification (driver's license, nondriver license photo ID, military ID, minor ID, etc.) to the appropriate location.  The information will be verified and an ID badge will be processed.

If a department has groups of five (5) or more for ID Badge processing, FMDC asks that an appointment be scheduled with the appropriate processing location in order to accommodate multiple people in a waiting area.

Building/Secured Area Access - State Employees

FMDC processes badges with security access only for those buildings with security systems that are installed or maintained by FMDC.  Security access to buildings with privately owned security systems (i.e., Sonitrol) is controlled by the tenant agency.

To avoid extended waits and delays for employees, FMDC requires that requests for State ID Badges with building and/or secured area access be submitted prior to sending the employee to the processing location.

Upon receipt of the application signed by the department’s signature authority, a report run through Capitol Police for outstanding wants or warrants will be requested.  Results of any outstanding warrant may result in the individual being contacted by Capitol Police or local law enforcement agency. 

Once the application is approved, the department will be notified that the employee should report to the appropriate location for badge processing.  Upon arrival, the state employee must provide a form of current photo identification (driver's license, nondriver license photo ID, military ID, minor ID, etc.)  Their State ID Badge with building or secured area access will then be processed.   Please note that the St. Louis, Kansas City and St. Joseph processing stations issue separate cards for ID Badges and Access Cards.

If you are requesting access to another department's specific secured area or access to your department's secured area for different department's employee, the application must have that department's signature authority approving the access or employee as well as your department's appropriate signature authority. For example: A request to grant OA/ITSD staff access to a department specific secured area/building, or a request from a department to grant an OA/ITSD employee access to that department's secured area. This will ensure that all departments are aware of what areas their staff has security accesses to.

ID Badges or Access Requests - OA/ITSD Staff

Applications for badges and or accesses for staff affected by the OA ITSD Consolidation are treated as outlined above; however, we ask that the following information be included on the application:

If this is a state employee working for ITSD, the Department should read Office of Administration. The Division-Section-Contractor Name should read ITSD-“Assigned department” (i.e., ITSD-DNR).

Due to the utilization of Biometric badges for State Data Center Accesses, the notation of ITSD - State Data Center should be used for the Division information.

If this is a contract employee that is working for ITSD through an outside vendor, the Department should read Office of Administration/Contractor. The Division-Section-Contractor Name should read ITSD/Contractor Name (i.e. Rose International or Tier). Please submit the application for processing, along with a recent Highway Patrol Background Report, to the appropriate processing location and you will be notified when the contractor should be sent to have their badge processed.

OA/ITSD employees moving to a different assigned department will need to have a new application form submitted.

Please note that unless the employee is relocating to the State Data Center, their badge may be transferred to their new ITSD Department following the submission of a new application.

ID Badge Replacement

The Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction (FMDC) is no longer billing for proximity cards or standard ID badge replacements that occur occasionally. The FMDC Badge Office will work with agencies  that request large quantity replacements to either direct bill the agency for supplies (cards/ribbon) or provide information for the agency to procure the supplies.