Project Management & Oversight


A Project Management Oversight (PMO) office was established to oversee ITSD’s consolidated project portfolio through effective management of people, infrastructure, and projects.  Its mission is to support strategic, business-driven IT solution delivery.


  • Educate, mentor, and collaborate to build leadership skills.
  • Support transparent, frequent, and effective people-based collaboration.
  • Encourage innovation and influence individual creativity.
  • Enable well-informed decision making to ensure success.
  • Drive process improvement by developing a culture of best-practice evolution.


  • Portfolio Management and Reporting
    • Deliverables tracking
    • Executive dashboards
    • Cost and value (ROI) reporting
  • Project Oversight and Rescue
  • Release and Issue management
    • Assistance with readiness assessment, testing progress, implementation
  • Training and Mentorship
  • IT consulting contract management
    • PAQ quality
    • Vendor responses
    • Regular meetings with vendor
  • Forms, templates, best-practice, and how-to repository
  • Lessons learned surveys and repository


ITSD Status Report Template

ITSD Change Control Policy

ITSD Deliverable Acceptance Form

Fingerprint Policy